If you have had a practice long you will undoubtedly have had clients come in with all kinds of trauma.

Do you feel your skills and training are where you would like them to be working in the area of complex trauma?


 Las Vegas, Nevada at The Sunset Station Hotel
10 am - 5pm each day (Registration starts at 9am)

Topic: Learning How to Release Trauma, Complex Trauma, and Abuse In Your Clients   

Currently there is not a lot of available information on some complex subjects, and yet, more clients are showing up all over the world asking for help. Hypnotists, Practitioners, coaches, and licensed therapists have very little knowledge on how to help certain kinds of abuse and the survivors in a way that can make real change. If you are ready to make a difference in your clients lives, then don't miss this seminar. You will get information that is not being taught anywhere!

If you specialize in this area, then it is imperative to learn how to get deep changes.

Topics to be covered: Trauma, Military Trauma, Grief, Violence, Accidents, Childhood Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Mental Abuse, and Physical Abuse, Complex Trauma and how to release them from your clients mind and body.  

You will learn how the mind works and why it is essential to change the unconscious mind if you want to let go of trauma at a deep level and how to help your clients change the trauma that they hold.

We will have demonstrations using tapping.

This seminar will include information that will not be found anywhere else!  Guaranteed!

2 Day Seminar will include Instruction, demonstrations, class participation,  and Q & A

Event will be held at:

Sunset Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV   

(Rooms available at hotel)

Questions call Laura Worley at 702-419-3927

2 Day Seminar -  $297.00