Laura, I am so grateful that Rylee and I came to see you! You seem to know just what to do with us. You made our sessions individual and catered specifically to our needs. I was really glad to go thru all of my past bad experiences with sex. That is a huge pathway to my feelings. I feel much lighter after dealing with those emotions. Also, loneliness was key to breaking my patterns and cycles. It is huge Rylee showed feelings that included tears. That is rare for her. Great work Laura! Thank you so much!
— Alecia and Rylee
Jim was a very accommodating captain. I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend this crew and yacht. Jess was amazing with food, the boat was always very clean, overall a great experience. Would go again.
— Sandy LaPlage
Working with Laura was an experience to be had.

I consider myself a tough “cookie” and shifting is hard for me, yet with all my hard-wired beliefs Laura was, from the very beginning, incredibly sensitive to my issues and NEVER gave up on me guiding me with a very gentle but effective hand. When my ego kicked in and my ego got the best of me, she understood like the PROFESSIONAL and HUMANE person she is and got me back on track to work through the storm hand in hand. Understanding, compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and incredibly funny —much needed and appreciated— she went to any length to make the shifts needed, tried many approaches, used all her tools in her amazing toolbox and is incredibly knowledgeable on using Faster EFT thus making the process as easy as possible for me.

Laura worked tirelessly and even went overtime as long as we reached the desired outcome and would bring a happy smile to my face.

She understands the humane experience completely. I could show up as myself entirely and there was ever the slightest shed of discomfort. No matter how many times I did not understand, was resistant, or fearful, she was a like a Zen Master, nothing derailed her from her mission to help me set free from my demons. Again and again she would explain what was needed to be done to clear all obstacles; she was encouraging and saw the best in me even when I was not able to.

This smart, spirited, brave, motivated, interesting and wholeheartedly loving woman, who has overcome so many obstacles in her personal life, has now become a marvelous practitioner determined by heart and soul in guiding others to reach their own achievements. She cares. Period. My healing process has yet begun but we achieved so many “before” and “after” together, I was fortunate to have her with and by me. The list could go on and on so, isn’t this someone you would want you to hold your hand on your own self healing journey..?

This letter of appreciation is dedicated with deep respect and gratitude to her and in the hopes it strikes a chord to anyone out there in quiet despair and wondering: Who would be a good companion on this, my own quest...? As someone recently told me: It is a feat for only the brave and courageous ones: Laura Worley is one of them. I wouldn’t say I don’t hesitate to recommend her; rather I ENCOURAGE anyone to seek her immediately.

With her Help, Love and Persistence, I know there are yet more blessings coming my way.....
— Much love, Maria
Laura is caring and generous, while at the same time, she can be tough as nails when it comes to working on core issues. She’s completely thorough, and makes the most of every session. Just what I needed! Thank you!
— Amber Adams Finnell
After working with Laura, I saw HUGE improvements in my life. Laura, was caring, patient, and I really felt like she was right there with me through the whole session. Laura conducted herself in a professional manner and I am very pleased with the results. We were able to knock out a lot of subconscious blocks that were keeping me stuck in life. If you are looking for someone to help you make peace with your past, and move through life Laura Worley is the one to see. Thank you Laura for helping transform my life.
— Lots of love, Jonah Robins
I first met Laura after a Faster EFT transformational retreat. After hearing me mention something that had bothered me for a long time, she came right up and offered to help me with it. I booked a session shortly after that and I am so glad I did! That long-standing phobia that bothered me for years is completely gone! Life is very different — and easier now. We have continued to work on other issues and she is marvelous. Thank you Laura!
— Jean Erickson
I actually feel different all during the day. So strange but I had issues with my mom and dad that were driving my addiction. Laura addressed those issues with FasterEFT as they related to my addiction. For 3 night in a row after the session with Laura, I dreamed about by mom and dad and I was drinking alcohol in all three sessions. I believe the “benefits” from my session with Laura were continuing and I was still ‘releasing’ all during my sleep/dreaming state for 3 night in a row.

If anyone here is a “newbie” besides me, I would highly recommend setting op a session with Laura. I have gone to AA for over 25 years and she did more to help me in one session of FasterEFT than the entire 25 years of attending AA meeting. Thank you so much Laura!
— Jim Hanratty
Just today as I was having some anxiety and feeling blocked in certain ways, like I am my own worst enemy, I remembered our therapy time together. I pulled out the paper you gave me to help me do the techniques by myself at home. I went through and did the routine a few times. It definately helped, and the knot in my gut was greatly reduced to nearly unoticable. I thought to myself how I forget about this great tool I have when I need it most. I really need to hang it on the bathroom wall next to where I put on my makeup each day so I am constantly reminded of the tools I have. I don’t think the impact would be there if we hadn’t had the initial few sessions and I would love to do more but finances are preventing me from doing so. I’m so glad I have the information that you passed on to refer to. Your were very easy to work with as I felt completely unjudged and free to feel and do what was necessary to move forward. Thank you for the work that you do.
— Suzanne Moody
Laura was highly recommended by someone in the know. I had learned about Faster eft a few months beforehand. I was visiting Las Vegas, found out that Laura lived there so got in touch with her. I found her to be intuitive, thorough and very knowledgable. It was a long session (2 hours) with a lot of heavy emotional stuff but the release was palpable. She drove me back to the Las Vegas strip afterwards and I spent the evening feeling so much lighter (a load was taken off my shoulders) and exhaling profoundly all evening long. Just profound releasing as I adjusted to my new self. It felt so good. And still does. Thank you, thank you, Laura.
— Guy Prouix, Ottawa, Canada
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— Hope K.
Hello Laura, Thanks for working with me today. I’m so glad we got to my mother. That relationship was one that I couldn’t get “fixed” with Theophostics. Very powerful conversation...a profound experience.
— Patricia
Hi Laura,

I thoroughly enjoyed my tapping sessions with you! I benefited in many ways, but the biggest healing that I had when I worked with you was healing from my rheumatoid arthritis. I have been arthritis free for over a year and a half now. My life could have been completely different if we weren’t able to overcome the last key to overcoming my illness. I did all the work to heal my body physically and needed that final healing of my mind to become completely whole again. What a huge accomplishment. Other things in my life became better shortly thereafter as well. You were creative, genuine, fun, persistent and diligent about staying with an issue until it was not emotional anymore. Thank you for your knowledge and your gifts that only you could give me!
— Alecia Fred
Laura Worley is a highly gifted and insightful F-EFT coach and practitioner.
People who have a talent for nurturing others to self-insght and healing, must have great intuitive talent. Laura is both well skilled and nearly savant in her intuitive ability.
Allow me to conclude by stating that she can be as gentle as a lamb and as forceful as a lion in coaxing change from hurting, frightened, dismayed people. Fortunately, all who lean on her for help, will discover she wields insight and wisdom well.
— T. Hamilton Irvine