Coaching many people over the past 8 years, I have found that the roots of the today problems stem from early childhood painful experiences. Now there is a way to learn how to gently, safely address those memories and experience the real truth of the glory of who you are.

As a Transformational and Educational Coach I teach a system developed over the years called TASA. The system of TASA guides a person to go gently, easily, yet deeply, into the core of the problem and release the emotions that are still being held inside without re-traumatizing.

Blocked Memories and Tapping 

Many people have suppressed or blocked memories. This is one way that the subconscious mind has chosen to help protect the person to survive a traumatic event.

The subconscious is incredibly resourceful when it comes to protecting the person. The subconscious has one purpose: Keep You Safe!

And since approximately 80 percent of our thoughts are subconscious, meaning not conscious, guess who is in charge of our thinking process most of the time? The subconscious mind.

Memory Repression Protects Us – Especially Children

The subconscious mind often suppresses (or helps us forget consciously) a traumatic event that happened in childhood.

There are many people who have suppressed or blocked memories. What does that mean? This simply means this is how the subconscious mind has chosen to help protect the person and survive a traumatic event.

The subconscious is very resourceful when it comes to protecting the person. The subconscious has one one law it must obey… Keep You Safe! 

The subconscious mind often suppresses (or helps us forget consciously) a traumatic event that happened in childhood, or in war, or as a result of sex abuse, for example. Anything too “big” for a person to handle at the time, can be suppressed, from the moment of impact in a car crash to witnessing violence in a family.

Whatever happened was so painful the child couldn’t function or survive in the family or at all if the memories were in the conscious mind. This was necessary to survive what happened. Sometimes, we make decisions based on what happened, such as: It’s not safe to love, or I’m not good enough, or Something’s wrong with me (these limiting beliefs will play out in our adult lives, in our jobs, and our relationships, not knowing that we are acting from a trauma and decision made a long time ago.

Problems: Subconscious Mind Speaking to Us

It is common that these traumas or abuse will often times not be remembered until the person becomes an adult. When the child reaches adulthood it often becomes more difficult to function. It takes a lot of resources to keep the trauma from becoming conscious. Some side effects of this type of problem include: depression, addictions, acting out in some way, or pain in the body. This is in part the way the subconscious mind tells the conscious child-turned-adult that something’s wrong.

However, as we grow older, the resources necessary to keep down the old trauma take up more and more energy. And that takes a toll on our body. Typically, the “membrane walls” of the subconscious mind begin to become more “porous” as we grow into our 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Sometimes a person may say something along these lines: “I know something happened, but I am not sure what. I don’t have any memories of…” Or maybe the person is scared to go to the memories for fear of what they may uncover . . . and not be able to stop back up.

In these situations, the TASA System can be used.  TASA can be transformed with this system. It blends tapping and a memory recovery technique I learned through working with a specialist in California more than 10 years ago. This specialist taught me how to safely help uncover suppressed memories. This process is combined with tapping, and a few other things I have learned through an immense study of trauma. I have over 1000 hours in FasterEFT, and over 1000 hours in studying with a trauma expert, and studied many other trauma techniques.

TASA, Gentle, Effective, Quick System to Uncover Roots of Problem

The TASA System is the unique way addressing suppressed memories and helping people who have experienced trauma, abuse, and addictions. It is a way that allows you to go deeper into the subconscious mind in a very effective and gentle manner to recover the truth and resolve the root of the problem much quicker. In this system that is taught the subconscious help us get to the truth of what is really at the root of the problem. 

Tapping and TASA -- A Gentle Easy Way to Relief

The TASA System allows the person to go to the painful memories that have been suppressed without being re-traumatized. You don’t have to go through a lot of pain to heal as if often the case in talk therapy which is what happened to me.

This was a very important factor for me because I spent 20 years in talk therapy. I had a lot of memories suppressed that came out in different ways over time. I was left with a lot of pain, anger, depression, and confusion. The question I was left with was what am I supposed to with all this pain and traumatizing events?

I was determined to find something quick and effective. I didn’t believe that I meant to carry pain from the first part of my life, and then spend the rest of my life trying to recover from it!

Our mind and body have the capability to heal in an effective, and safe manner quicker than we realize! That is why the TASA System has been created! When you change from within and begin to see the truth of your True Authentic Self Awareness (TASA.) 

Transformational and Educational Coach Laura Worley works with clients throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as through Skype with clients from across the United States and throughout the world. People also fly into Las Vegas from all over the world.  You can reach her to schedule a session or to have a free consult at or 702-419-3927