It is my goal for each client to get long lasting changes that truly transform your life.  In order for you to accomplish life long changes I have made some new decisions on how I will offer my services to help new clients.  This decision is based on working with hundreds of sessions with clients. The people that have reached the greatest success have a pattern that I realized in all of them.  This successful pattern was based on a commitment to show up for enough sessions that will help you change and transform your beliefs and patterns for life.  While one session will give you shifts it does not realistically do you justice if your goal is to make deep, lasting changes.  Based on my mission statement I feel more in alignment with helping you to make changes that are necessary for you to become who you truly are.  In order to accomplish this and be congruent with integrity in me I will only be offering packages to new clients.  The mininium commitment for new clients is 3 sessions. 

These packages have been developed for people committed to the healing process. The problems you have did not happen overnight and it is unrealistic to believe that in one session they will be gone. We can do a lot of great work together. There will be amazing shifts and changes. If you are tired of being stuck and really want to let go of what is holding you back: then lets get started!  The best investment you will ever make is in you!  This commitment goes both ways. I am committed to helping you reach the success you are looking for.

3 x 2 Hour Sessions: $719.00   (6 Hour Package) ($61.00 savings)                              

5 x 2 Hour Sessions:$1099.00 (10 Hour Package) ($201.00 savings)  

9 x 2 Hour Sessions: $1499.00 (18 Hour Package) ($841.00 savings) (RECOMMENDED)

15 x 2 Hour Sessions:$2599.00 (30 Hour Package)  ($1301 savings)  

2 Hour Session:  $260.00

90 Minute Session: $175.00

(Session time is determined on clients needs; normally each session is 2 hours.)  

If you live in Las Vegas locals can take off 10 percent off rates.

Practitioners in training who must fill requirements with a Level 4 practitioner please take off 25 percent on rates listed above.