EFT – Certified by original Gary Craig since 2008

Addictions Certified by Melissa Tiers

FASTEREFT –  Fully approved and certified by Robert Smith Advanced Level 4 Practitioner (Tapping) – Over 1000 hours of training since 2011

Certified Hypnotherapist – Igore Ledochowski - Hypnosis Training Academy, Specializing in Conversational Hypnosis (90 hours)

Matrix Reimprinting Certified- Karl Dawson founder

AAMET 1 &2 Certified

Certified Member of IAPCH - International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists

Ethics, Legal Issues & Risk Management Strategies for EFT Practitioners - Certificate awarded by Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, ACEP Approved Continuing Education Provider


         Body Code and Emotion Code-  24 hours- Dr. Bradley Nelson

NLPIntegrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training -  48 hrs

Matrix Energetics - Dr. Richard Bartlet and Melissa Joy - over 160 hours seminar trainings

Tapping out of Trauma - 8 week Webinar Course

Habilitat Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center - volunteered working with over 80 residents using FasterEFT(tapping) over 180 hours

Trauma Training- 750 hours

Trauma Release Technique -  Specifically Suppressed or Blocked Memories with Abuse and Ritual Abuse, Seminar training over 40 hours.  Private Mentoring for 18 months - over 1000 hours.

Theta Healing - 8 hours

Hypnosis Training by several trainers on different topics- 8 day seminar- 80 hours

Theophostic Therapy- completed training and certified Level 2

Ordained Minister