The Paris Attacks Leave a lot of people with Trauma

The Recent Paris Attacks have left many people with trauma.  This trauma can turn into severe PTSD if left without any further help.  Most people are taught to suppress their feelings.  Men often get messages you are not suppose to cry, just toughen up!  When you see someone killed it is traumatic.  The emotions of the event much be addressed or you can count on down the road the trauma will show its ugly head.  Suppressed trauma often comes through with depression, anxiety, addictions, anger outburst, some cases may diseases in the body are created.

Talk therapy can be helpful but will not release the painful emotions of trauma.  Alternative healing modalities have a greater chance of helping someone that has PTSD.  There are many modalities to help.  If you know someone that need help from any kind of traumatic events please guide them to some choices out there to help.  They do not have to suffer with their pain all alone.  

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