In January and July of 2013, January 2014,  and July 2015, I was part of a team that did the impossible - eliminating all desire for drugs and/or alcohol in some of the worst cases imaginable using an alternative modality called Faster EFT, also known as "tapping".   

FasterEFT, developed by founder Robert G. Smith, has an addiction protocol that successfully addresses the addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, out of control spending, gambling and more.  Robert invited ten high level practitioners (myself included) to the Habilitat Residential Treatment Center to volunteer in Hawaii for 10 days to help the residents.  This treatment center is often a last stop for people headed to prison or just coming out of prison.  Their addictions are some of the hardest to overcome, including meth, heroin and alcohol. 

When we first got to Habilitat there were not a lot of a smiles or happy residents. After the first week about 90 residents had changed having had sessions of FasterEFT with the team of expert FasterEFT practitioners. There were smiles and hope in their eyes. The mood of the whole place changed. The residents were getting rid of horrible experiences in their life by this simple technique.


Letter from the director of Habilitat about the difference Faster EFT - and Laura Worley - made there! 

I had a FasterEFT session with Laura Worley (from this site) Tuesday, and it was so wonderful and liberating! I have had a alcohol addiction for over 50 years and I feel so much freer now than ever before.

I actually feel different all during the day. So strange but I had issues with my mom and dad that were driving my addiction. Laura addressed those issues with FasterEFT as they related to my addiction. For 3 nights in a row after the session with Laura, I dreamed about by mom and dad and I was drinking alcohol in all three sessions. I believe the “benefits” from my session with Laura were continuing and I was still ‘releasing’ all during my sleep/dreaming state for 3 night in a row.

If anyone here is a “newbie” besides me, I would highly recommend setting op a session with Laura. I have gone to AA for over 25 years and she did more to help me in one session of FasterEFT than the entire 25 years of attending AA meeting.

Thank you so much Laura!
— Jim Hanratty

Videos from Habilitat