Meridian Tapping

Meridian tapping draws on emerging leading neuroscience relating to memory and how we change memories each time we think of them. It harnesses the brilliance of the subconscious mind and the body to work for your highest benefits. Imagine your mind as a recorder; recording everything from the day you were born, with the primary goal of keeping you safe.  


Inner Child Work 

I do a lot of inner child work because it is my belief that is where the root of all of our problems start.  When you change the belief of the child within your whole life can change.  You can begin to create a new belief that better serves you as an adult.

Inner Child Work

TASA System

Navigate out of your past, overcome hardship, and experience peace, lightness, and a renewed sense of well-being and purpose. Live in the present and a future that is better than you could have possibly envisioned. 

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                    IT IS TIME TO HAVE HOPE!

Transform your life into infinite possibilities.  Only you set the limits.  When you let go of rigid and negative thinking, you allow changes and opportunities to come into  your life that you never thought possible.  

It is when you allow trauma, disappointments, hurts and wounds to dictate your life it seems impossible to enjoy the moment or even dream of a wonderful future.  When our past is always in the present, we don't allow the necessary changes to happen that will enable us to wake up excited about each and every day. The universe is anxiously standing by to give us everything we ever wanted.  

It is true that life may have brought things we did not want or expect. What will separate those who become weaker or stronger after hardships, is the sheer belief or hope that there is a better and brighter future.  Even if there is a spark of hope, let that spark ignite the light and power inside you.  Release and let go of your pain of the past.  When you let go, your mind can transform your life into infinite possibilities of hope.

Have hope and believe that there truly are infinite possibilities to change your life no matter what has happened to you.  Changing what your subconscious mind holds allows you the freedom to create that infinite place inside of you…

When we let go of our Trauma, Abuse, Stress, or Addictions we see the place inside that no one could hurt or take away from us despite what happened.  When you come to know who you are at your core and believe in how valuable you are to the world; your True Authentic Self Awareness (TASA) will be released. The best version of who you are will become free and the world will become more alive and beautiful because now you are able to see through a new perspective.  

A new perspective of love, happiness and peace.